Frequently Asked Questions

How does the alcohol supply work?

Lu’s Crew is licenced to supply your bevvies, or you may choose to purchase yourself. Our drinks costs are pretty comparable to the big 4 suppliers in town and you don’t need to do the heavy lifting! Quotes are based on a budget of standard beer/wine/spirits that are the most popular at events, but closer to your day we discuss what you would like us to buy. Lu’s Crew will only quote canned beer though as they are more economical all round.  Bottled beer will attract an extra cartage fee. And anything leftover is yours to keep for a hair of the dog the next day (exception of cocktail classes).

How do you know how much drinks to get?

We have a magic calculator that works it out based on length of function and number of guests and also the time of year. It is based on an average of 1.2 standard drinks per person per hour. We also factor in that some guests don’t drink much and others will guzzle, fast.

Do I really need a coldroom?

We highly recommend one in North Queensland, or at least extra refrigerator hire, for parties with 50 or more guests. This cuts down your ice requirements too. All our quotes come with a portable coldroom added, but can be removed if you want to provide one yourself, or buy lots more ice.

Do you follow Responsible Service of Alcohol guidelines and have insurances?

Absolutely and yes, even at private functions we are responsible for your guest’s well-being. All our staff have RSA certification, regular training and pop-quizzes to make sure they are current with legislation. Lu’s Crew is fully insured for Public Liability and also Workcover for our staff.

Can you do a cash bar?

Yes, and we have EFTPOS facilities too (no cash out though).

Do you do table service?

We do prefer to work straight from our bar and staff will wander around the function cleaning up empties and rubbish. Elderly guests will be catered for if you let us know beforehand. We can do full table service though, it just means extra staff and additional costs.

Why do you quote? Why can’t I just get a price list?

Because every event is different! Some people don’t want fancy glasses, others prefer to get their own ice because they know someone. Some want a signature cocktail or a top shelf beer.

How far do you travel?

All the way up to the Daintree, down south to Cardwell and all over the Tablelands and Mareeba. We pay award wages to our staff and therefore their travel allowances will be included in your quote.

What do we need to provide?

  • Clear access and parking as close as possible to the venue
  • Power
  • Water
  • Rubbish disposal
  • Permits for any sites on Council property such as parks, beaches etc
  • Depending on location and time of day of your function, staff may require a meal.