Bartenders + Waiters

Lu’s Crew boasts a reliable and friendly team of hand-picked professional bartenders and cocktail mixologists. We also have waiters, food service staff supervisors and an event coordinator with a Responsible Manager’s licence. The team all love hosting events and our bar staff will bring the party to you, going above and beyond, ensuring your wedding, private party, event or corporate function is a crowd pleaser.

The number of staff you require at your event is highly dependent upon the number of guests, the level of service you want, prep time and clean- up. Lu’s Crew will work with you to recommend how many staff will be needed to ensure efficient service (we really hate bar queues!).

All pricing is per hour, with a minimum hire of 3 hours required as per the award. A travel allowance is also payable for any event an hour or more from home base (Cairns CBD).