Lu’s Crew started very small in 1983, providing a staffing service to The Cairns Amateurs, Time-out and various other concerts in Cairns. In 2015 we bought a franchise “Kubarz Beverage Catering” that came with all the gear needed to start a mobile beverage service. After nearly 4 years, a first place in The Bride’s Choice awards and expanding our family of mobile bars, we decided to break away from the national franchise and go back to being truly local. This move has given us more freedom to better pricing and tailoring our services for North Queenslanders who love a cold bevvie, or 6.


Boss lady, OCD event co-ordinator and supervisor, holder of the Responsible Managers Licence, mum. Loves organising stuff and stressing out over little things so you don’t have to. Can be found setting up an event to perfection, mixing a mean cocktail on occasions, teaching cocktail classes and loitering behind the scenes cleaning up.


The other boss and logistics expert. A bartender extraordinaire, our food service supervisor, trailer wrangler and our Mr Fix-it. Absolutely loves a beer and a chat, especially if it’s about the All Blacks.


Quick and ultra-professional, Kam comes to you with bucketloads of personality, OCD and a customer service can-do attitude. Will put her hand up for any event and gives us 210% effort. Queen of the glitter and has a never-ending supply of Allen’s Snakes for a when we need that sugar high.

Evie, Mike, Shania

Found these three loitering around the Artillery Museum during a marathon 3-week event for Ochre Catering. We decided to keep them because they look good in black & orange and can carry a tray of drinks without spilling any.


Employee of the Month quite regularly, Max is one hot little member of the team. Cuts through the glass washing like a boss.


Our newest member of the Crew. She’s a very tiny old girl, but comes to us from a super yacht so knows how to work tirelessly 24/7. She boasts the ability to crank out 5 kg of fancy cocktail ice in a day.